Adrianna is giving back!

Why a second hand boutique?

It's our way of enabling you to give back. The quality of a garment crosses time and fashions. By buying second hand, you display a timeless style and your concern to preserve the resources of our planet ... while directly helping the community. Everybody wins! The Adrianna Consignment raises funds to support its charitable activities and buyers buy quality clothes for less.

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Consign With Us

Your clothing selection will be flying in no time! Do you want to make a difference while recovering some of your investments that lie in the back of your wardrobe? Our marketing team pamper your clothes, take professional photos, write newsletters, post on social media and create a stylish ambience for shopping.

**Come and show us your treasures!

We accept clothes, shoes and accessories in perfect condition.

Only by appointment: 438-382-7108 or

Pick up service to be discussed**

Consignment policies;

Our commission is distributed over the final sale price: 60% for Adrianna and 40% for the partner client.


Our seasons are renewed every 3 months. Commissions are paid at the end of the 3 month period, calculated from 7 days after initial acceptance of the items. Commission payments are made via electronic transfer. We reserve the right to reduce the price, display, advertise and promote all consignment / donation items.  At the end of the season, if the item is not sold, we will contact you. If you choose to donate the unsold item, it will be offered at a very low cost to members of our food bank community.

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